Peer Education

Peer Education/Health Promotion

The Camish Network offers a FREE peer education programme

Our team are trained and experienced facilitators from  from Brook, a leading sexual health organisation.

What is peer education/health promotion?
Peer education enables young people to teach, share and promote health information to their peers. Many young people say that messages delivered by their peers is relatable, engaging and on their level. We know from experience, research, and young people’s voices, that peer education is successful in promoting behaviour change and getting across important information.

How does it work?
Young people attend a training session/s to learn how to become peer educators – to deliver health promotion through designing notice boards, campaigns and running events for their peers.  

The training session is flexible and can be done over a 2-day course or 1 session per week for 1-6 weeks. In some instances, the training is accredited (please see contact details below for more information on this).  

What can young people be trained in?
• Sexual health
• Healthy relationships
• Contraception
• Consent
• Access to services
• Other topics – please contact us to discuss

Planning time will be included to deliver the campaign or event of their choice. Please note that we work with young people under the age of 25.

Peer education/ health promotion can take place in small groups of no more than 10 young people in a variety of settings, for example: assessment centres/pathways, sixth forms in schools, youth clubs, college/ sixth form and youth offending services, workplaces, street settings, shelters, or wherever young people gather.  

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