Sex & Relationships Education out of Schools

Sex & Relationships Education Programme out of Schools

The Camish Network offers FREE Sex and Relationships Education sessions, programmes and support to targeted groups. 

Our team are trained and experienced facilitators from leading sexual health organisations: Brook, The Brandon Centre, and Homerton University Hospital.

Sessions and programmes are available to young people identified as vulnerable through schools and other organisations. 
 We work with a range of young people, including:

Looked after or leaving care
• Unaccompanied minors
• Young offenders or at risk of offending
• Homeless
• Known to Children in Need team
• Learning needs and/or intellectual or physical disabilities

• Young parents
• Not in education, employment or training
• Attending Pupil Referral Units
• Not achieving academically
• Sexually active at a young age 
• Living in areas with high rates of teenage conceptions and/or  STIs
What we can offer

Depending on the needs of the individual or group, we can offer a 1-6 week programme covering a range of topics.

Our sessions and programmes are designed to be in depth, teach skills and knowledge, and give young people the opportunity to explore their own values and beliefs.  

No more than 10 young people per group.

We can also support teachers/staff to develop and deliver sessions or provide guidance around supporting young people with sex and relationships in general.


Depending on the needs of the individual or group, sessions we can deliver include:

• Access to services
• Appropriate touch
• Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
• Clinic visits
• Conception
• Consent
• Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
• Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
• Puberty
• Public / private
• Pornography
• Relationships
• Sexual orientation and gender identity
 To book a session, please use the Booking Form below, email us if you would like  more information or contact
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